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About Us

At Skyline Projects we act under high ethical practices, our vision is to build a company where each one of our partners and team members can express themselves by unlocking their full potential while providing value to our clients and the company.


We strive to provide a friendly environment where team members feel appreciated for their contribution, We realize the importance of their roles to the company and the necessity for us to build a dream work place. 

Meet theTeam

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Juan Pablo Zarate

  • Co-founder / Project Manager

  • Over 100 projects successfully done (Commercial and residential)

  • BA in Business administration  with emphasis in international finances and marketing

  • Securing growth opportunities and initiating new projects


Luis Carlos Zarate

  • Co-founder / Sr Estimator 

  • Senior Architect 

  • Specialist in Project Management 

  • Strategic Planning  

  • Professional with over 15 years of experience in the  construction field. 

  • Over 100 custom design projects  successfully completed. 



Our Quality Guarantee

We work with the highest quality installers and materials, Which adds value to our work by providing a reliable fresh new image to your property.


Tatiana Cepeda

  • Industrial Designer

  • Over 7 years of experience in interior design.

  • Marketing planner and digital expert.

  • Senior Graphic designer and team leader. 

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Juan C Ruiz

•    Industrial Designer

•    Community manager and

     marketing expert. 

•    SEO, CMR team leader

•    Market analyzer        and adviser with

     over 10 year experience.

  •  Project Manager

  • 5+ Years of Real Estate Financing  

  • 5+ Years of Logistics & Project Management  

  • Real Estate Licensee 

  • Generates revenue by supporting business operations and implementation of strategies for optimal performance.


Enrique Osorio

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